My new sounds:

Welcome to the Inquisition Playhouse!
From today you can listen to the new album “Inquisition Playhouse” for free, in 128 kbps mp3 quality in our Bandcamp store, and you can get it in high quality (320 kbps mp3, flac, etc.) for 9.99 $! In the future more online stores will be added (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.)

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

Fegyvertény // War drums

Fegyvertény // War drums

The pre-release promo edition of Inquisition Playhouse // Az Inquisition Playhouse megjelenés előtti promo kiadása

The pre-release promo edition of Inquisition Playhouse // Az Inquisition Playhouse megjelenés előtti promo kiadása

Why are you so negative?

They have asked me this question so many times, especially because of my lyrics. „Dr. Melancholia – the name of the band sounds negative too” – as they say. Now it’s time to make it clear: Vikki Ricci, why are you so fuckin’ negative?

And the answer is that I’m fuckin’ not. In my everyday life I mainly try to look on the bright side of things. Of course, it depends on my state of mind. I’m not a melancholic person, I don’t hate to live. OK, that’s enough of this shit! It doesn’t matter who or what am I in my personal life. The point is that my art has never been about the sunny side of life.

Let’s start with the name ’Dr. Melancholia’! Well, it’s rather an oxymoron than a negative term. The meaning of the word ’melancholia’ is: A mental disorder characterized by severe depression, guilt, hopelessness, and withdrawal.”  (Source:
’Dr.’ is in contradiction with ’melancholia’ for it’s used in this context as the title of a medical doctor. So ’Dr. Melancholia’ is more controversial than negative. The doctor who is also sick.
Because we are all more or less sick. This is our fate in this world. The fate that we can’t escape from, but we can face it and rip its balls off, instead of being caught and raped.

The world is sick and make people sick, but we can be our own doctors. Is this a negative message?

The main things we say are:

  1. Dare to be yourself and live your own life!
  2. Dare to cognize the world and let yourself be guided by your own point of view, instead of expectations and force of habit.
  3. Don’t let yourself be manipulated! To hell with ideologies!
  4. You can only live here and now.
  5. You can control your own life if you’re ballsy enough.
  6. You’re not a motherfucking standard.

These are the most important ones. I can see nothing negative in them. Each one of them has an absolutely positive message. There’s nothing positive in telling people: „Everything’s alright, get the sunshine!”. It just makes you a dirty liar dog, or – in a softer version – a motherfucking manipulated sheep. Both are abject, the first one for its nastiness, the second one for stupidity. If you wanna be truly positive just say that „It’s gonna be hard work, but you’ll be able to see the sunshine.”

There’s nothing wrong with positive attitude. I also encourage everyone to be positive and I don’t think that the manifesting self-contempt and negativism in some of my lyrics are examples to follow. I’m not always strong. I do not intend to deny it, but the lyrics I write usually fulfill their function as a part of the whole. For example, if I sing in the first track of an album that I feel like shit, then the following tracks will explain how I’ve got to this state, or search for the exit from the darkness to the light. I would never write songs for make people feel bad. Whatever I say in an individual song, in the end everytime there are conclusions. I don’t judge those ones who unfold their message in a more positive and more hopeful way than I do. The point is to be real. If you lie to the people as an artist, you’ll become a lie too. And you’ll be popular.

Why people believe in white lies? Probably, because they want to believe them, because they think their last hope is to believe that the shit doesn’t stink as much as they can smell. Just because you fuck over your mind, and so that your mind fucks over your nose, the shit won’t disappear, but will grow. Authority like to keep people in sweet ignorance because that’s the birth mother of inertia. It’s child’s play to control an ignorant and helpless crowd. Participants of television bullshit and music industry bullshit assist to this comfortable control, knowingly or unknowingly. They’re all a part of a collective obscurantism, regardless of their intent.

As long as the music industry stays the land flowing with milk and jism of summer hits, most of people will think that drawing attention to the problems of human nature and speaking about the dark side of life are equal to negativism. I can almost hear the stupid bullshit: „Oh, I don’t wanna be sad tonight, I wanna party all night long!”

Well, I don’t want anyone to be sad. If that’s all we can achieve, then I go and kill myself. I’d like to think that people feel good when they listen to our music, and not beacuse we sold them a sweet lie, but because we gave them power to live with open eyes, stand up for themselves, and fight their battles every day.
You may be the party king or party queen, but the shit can overtake you as well, when the sun rises on Saturday morning, the buddies go home, you get sober, and the door closes behind you.

I declare war against all those so-called musicians, who are accomplices in people’s brainwashing! Against all the „feel-so-good” plastic manufacturers, who could eat shit for a good toplist position.

The world has never been perfect and artists have always had a great responsibility in what they say through their art. In this age full of physical and psychological distress, manipulation, and poverty, where they say human life is invaluable, but it isn’t worth more than 99 Cents, and money is the One True God, artists have more responsibility. All those ones deserve hanging, that produce waste and call it „music”. Well, my declaration of war is against them. To my mind nobody’s an artist who sell their soul instead of their work of art, especially those ones who don’t have enough intellect to sell it, so they just become deprived and raped.

If you can do nothing, but sing that everything’s alright and you feel so good, then die! If your video is just a spurious and shameless self-promotion wherein you show how do you party so fuckin’ hard with fuckin’ cool guys and hot chicks, and how polished is your fuckin’ cool car, then fuck yourself and die!  

For my part, I’m aware of my responsibility, and it doesn’t depressurize me, but makes me happy. And it will make me happy as long as I have something to say. And if the time comes when everything will be really alright, I’m gonna also say it.

And what could be more worthy epilogue than song ‘Man in Black’ by Johnny Cash? Pay attention to the lyrics!


Here’s an interview that’s made by the hungarian TV channel, RTL Klub. The topic was about strange looking people and their experiences of society’s judgement. This is a cut version that only contains the Vikki Ricci (Dr. Melancholia) parts with English subtitle.

Now you can listen to the first full-length song from Inquisition Playhouse! This is just a pre-master version but we hope you’ll like it. It’s titled “Flying Higher” and will be the opening track of the album. Enjoy!